Audi R8 V10 Plus – Fastest serial AUDI

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Audi R8- I always thought of it as the supercar from the future, so amazing and exclusive.
If you follow your dreams and you’re not afraid to aim high, sooner or later you can achieve them.
I am very proud to share that my time has come to get some 300 kilometers in the FASTEST SERIAL AUDI OF ALL TIMES – Audi R8 V10 Plus 2016. Isn’t that a dream come true?!

In the next couple of lines I will be telling you more about the supercar that makes me go all goose-flesh only when thinking about it. Its atletic posture turns heads everywhere I go and punching the throttle makes my blood pressure rise every time.


There is no other Audi that is more distinctive, fast and powerful. I had the chance to experience it to the fullest on the autobahn, race track, motorways and even in the traffic in the center of the city. Such supercars are always very low, wider rear, extra wide (again J) tires (245/30Z/R20) and surely diffuser –these are some of the must haves for such jewels. The R8 has a remarkable spoiler that contributes to the devilish sport look, but also helps a lot with the downforce on the rear arch especially when having fun with higher speed. Talking about downforce and stability the second generation R8 is lighter and drastically improved thanks to the ASF (Audi Space Frame). The idea of the ASF is to use the right combination of innovative and light materials (3 types of aluminum and carbon) on the right places that makes the chassis more enduring and lighter. The carbon itself is also special and goes under the acronym CFRP. It stands for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic and is around 20% lighter than aluminum.

Going for and R8 you must get used to be THE CENTER OF ATTENTION. The design just doesn’t wear out and it has been up-to-date for many years. After all the first production of the R8 dates back to more than a decade ago in June 2006 and is still a supercar and super relevant.

Going for a break at a gas station makes everyone present to gaze at this RED BEAUTY. You can easily make friends with such piece of engineering because people approach you to ask you how you keep these 610 horses on the road, what is the maximum speed you went for or just to take a picture with me and the car.

Audi R8 V10 Plus 5.2 FSI – The beauty IS THE BEAST!

Audi R8 V10 plus delights with a very powerful TEN CYLINDER naturally aspirated engine. You can go for one of the two options: V10 and V10 Plus. Of course I went for the Plus modification with 610 hp and 560nM.

Nowadays most fast cars rely on engines with some kind of instant injection – turbos and other magic tricks. Bulgarian fast cars, that we are see out on the streets, are disels or best case scenario gasolines with pumped turbos. Audi R8 is the best example for a car with pure breed engine. The almighty V10 with a stress on high revolutions won’t disappoint you. In R8 we are speaking of a PURE PERFECTION. – 0 turbo lag and instant 610 atmospheric hp. Shifting gears happens before you can even think of it. R8 is the perfect urban bolid. The engine roars in split second and power is distributed evenly in the whole revolution range. The engine accelerates up to 9500 rpm – you think it is time to shift up but you already have half the range to go. I really like how fast it shifts up gears. It is even better when you are reaching a corner, brake and start shifting down, R8 forces the engine to accelerate and you can hear its majestic ROAR.


Audi R8 Plus is powered by 7-gear transmission S-tronic with hydraulic multidisc clutch, which is located just behind the engine and shifts with the speed of light. Sport transmission is actually so good that I barely used the feathers (and I love driving with manual and having control). R8 perfectly knows when and how to let loose the horses.

On the track, having a quattro system is a great advantage compared with the competitors with rear wheel drive. The new Quattro makes it possible to shift the power from rear to front wheel drive and back – up to 100% depending on the terrain and needs.
The R8 is incredibly stable for cornering because both axels are powered differently. What I mean by that in this particular car the front axle is constantly pulling the rear axle by 3%. The huge Pirelli sport tires stick the car to the ground and serve well on the motorways in both dry and wet.
INCREDIBLE ACELLERATIONfrom 0 to jail (100 km/h) – in just 3.2 seconds. It is very hard to comply with the speed limits with such an athlete. I was lucky to test this car in Germany where they have autobahns with no speed limits which automatically means a lot of fun. The top speed of the Audi R8 is 330 km/h. The fastest I got was 262 km/h because of the road, traffic and weather conditions but I felt that the sportster could go much faster.

Similar to the breed of sports car the Audi R8 has lots of control near or on the steering wheel itself. It makes it easier to navigate through the extras without moving my hands too much and taking them off the steering wheel. It has 4 main buttons that control:

  • Engine power On/Off
  • Performance mode
  • Drive select
  • Exhaust system control (this is amazing)

Another amazing feature is the Audi Virtual Cockpit (12.3” TFT monitor), that summarizes everything that is going on with the vehicle in a very reader friendly format. Besides a very detailed navigation you can put instead a humongous rev meter. You can even choose what to put next to it – for example torque and power meters, the temperature of the oil in the motor & transmission, the temperature of the tires and last but not least the G-meter. (it does provide info about the strength of the centrifugal force 😉

Keeping in mind that life goes beyond the track and moving into dense cities and motorways I definitely go on Auto or Comfort mode (for the transition settings). This tames the beast and makes it very comfortable to cruise from A to B. The R8, very relaxed at the traffic lights, goes as high as possible on the gears in the name of the low consumption J Nevertheless, this supercar is always on standby to deliver for very, very fast maneuvers and take overs. It will take less than a split second in order to downshift 1-2-3-4 or even 5 of them.

I was also updated on the new features of the automatic transmission. Currently there is a shortcut to go on the highest or lowest possible gear that is suitable with the speed of the car. Going for the left lever and holding it continuously will go as low as possible to increase the revs, power and torque, while going for the right will do the opposite – increase the gears to reduce the revs, power and torque. Then the question popped, what does happen if you accidentally press both levers continuously? No matter how fast you drive, it goes to neutral and you will have to use one of the levers to go back again into gear. That is new to Audi as well. It can be handy when used right. J

In a nutshell, this is an extraordinary emotional car– gets you pumped up with dopamine and make you feel the joy of riding, but with a pinch of fear to bear the responsibility behind all that power. My first impression was definitely right. In order to get this car going exactly where and the way you want you have to build the respect first. The tutorial before the drive consisted of sentences like: “Beware that this car drives as fast or faster than the motorcycles on the road. The R8 and TTRS are some of the fastest in our range. You are basically with a motorcycle compared to the other cars on the road”. All this said in Germany next to an autobahn is really something.

Audi R8 brings a true luxury in our daily round, exciting as on the track as well as in the city. The definition of my DEVILISH RED R8 V10 Plus is something like: Predator on the track and а spectacular stylish lady in the city. You will definitely fall in love with it.


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