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Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI 177 h.p.

I still remember when I saw the A5 in Bulgaria and I said to myself “Wow, this is a car from the future.” It was definitely the first car that I have seen with LED headlights back then and I was just going crazy over these LED contours. Of course that was me sitting in my Audi 80 B4 and all the way looking around to spot one the these beauties. Even today I can easily say that this is one the most beautiful cars that I have seen. When it comes to classification of favorite cars the top 3 will be: A5 favorite, S5 even more and then the RS5 would be on number 1. At this moment the RS5 is a miniature 1:18 on my desk but at least the A5 is parked downstairs waiting for me to drive and talk about it.

As I mentioned in the Audi Q5 test drive there is a bit older 2.0 liter diesel engine with 177hp and this is exactly the engine in this car. It is with 8 step automatic gearbox and front wheel drive with 4 doors.

Are the 2 extra doors the only difference with the coupé

This is almost right. The A5 is one of the few 4 doors sedans that actually look that great. Very sporty and elegant lines with the practicality of a medium family car.

The first impression right when I enter the car is the frameless window which gives the car a very sexy and sporty outlook. Interestingly enough this is the case with every version of the A5 no matter if it is coupe, cabriole or sportback dividing it from the mainstream cars where you would only see frameless windows on the coupes. This is something you get to fully enjoy while driving up to 170kph because if you go faster you will start to hear noise from them windows. (same story with soft top convertibles)

Once inside the car I definitely felt the sporty and aerodynamic shape of the car. There is not much space inside mainly because of the height of the roof – something I got used to immediately. People tell me that I have a sporty seat position- my seat is close to the floor of the car yet close enough to the steering wheel for fast maneuvers. The shape of the steering wheel is also contributing well to the tight car and its sporty look as it has a flat bottom (it is not a perfect circle as the other newer generations of the Audis)


One of the features of the car that I would like to see improved is the visibility through the front window – it is quite tight. The position of the front seats and the side columns of the car and its front window does allow you to look only straight ahead and not so much with the peripheral vision. Thanks god there is park assistance to help you with the dimensions of the car while parking. The seats themselves are big and very supportive as well, especially the sides supporting your legs. This actually proves not to be very practical for everyday life especially with 10cm heels – it is not very easy to stand up 😀 Thanks god this could be easily fixed with the settings of the seat. There is plenty of space in the front for your long legs, ladies, no worries on that one, although the space in the back is questionable. The aerodynamics use to lower the roof especially there so forget about your tall friends on the 2nd row of seats. All in all this is an awesome car for two people and a dog (for example)

Systems, Transmission
Clicked every single one of them. No button is foreign to me now!

I got to drive this beauty on the busy streets and traffic jam, roads full of holes and speed bumps as well as on the highway where you could really feel the car. The A5 proves to be quite stable in tight and fast corners. The steering wheel is quite light and makes driving in the city center a pleasure. I would suggest getting the 3 liter quattro engine if you plan to go above 170kph for long periods. I was interested to test the Audi Lane Assist which literally brings you back to the lane where you’re supposed to be. It works when you change lanes without an indication. It gently pushes you back to your lane but it definitely cannot be trusted to rely solely on it. Surely it cannot stop you of doing the maneuver but it makes the car unstable as it just tries. Once it does it is very easy to turn it off.

The gear changes with the 8 speed automatic gearbox is very smooth and barely noticeable. When you steadily accelerate 40-120 kmh it feels like you’re driving an electric car without any gears. This surely does not affect the dynamics.

Expectations vs Reality!

IfI have to be honest I expected a firmer ride. Audi has probably left that for the S5 and RS5 models, while in the A5 the ride is comfortable and smooth. Contributor to the quality is the base 17” wheels compared to the other A5 thatI drove with 19” and I could feel every little rock on the road. Be very picky when it comes to your Audi, make it suit your driving & style.

I was a bit skeptical when I hear that I will be driving a 2 liter diesel engine but I was pleasantly surprised. The car is not too heavy and at the very moment you switch to S-drive the racing with the rests is sure. I cannot really imagine what would driving the RS5 be but to be hones I would also love the 3.0 TFSI engine of the A5 sportback – that’s going to be definitely fun.

The fuel consumption depends on the mood of the driver. Being gentle on the throttle will reward you with around 7 liters per 100 kilometers driving in the city. Going hard and wild will bring it up to 12-13 liters.

Audi A5 Sportback is a great city car. East to maneuver and park. (excluding high sidewalks) Awesome car for youngster seeking the thrill of dynamic driving.

Production: April 2015
Engine: 2.0 TDI
Transmission: Automatic
Power: 177 hp.
Drive: Front wheel


  • Very sexy
  • Fast acceleration
  • Sporty feel


  • Even the four door version feels tight for four people.
  • Feels unstable while driving very fast.

To be expected from Audi:

The brand new A5 generation is released this year. I am impatient to see, touch and drive it. I hope I will be telling you more about it very soon.


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