BMW X1 F48 25d & 25i – the newer version of the grumpy beast

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BMW X1 F48 25d (231 Hp) xDrive Steptronic & BMW X1 F48 25i (231 Hp) xDrive Steptronic

Hello from the world of BMW! Today I have the pleasure to present you two versions of the all new BMW X1 – F48. I got to try two 2.0 liter engines petrol 25i and diesel 25d. Both of the cars are with an 8-step automatic gearbox (steptronic – very fun to drive and change the gears with the flaps) with an X-drive (4×4)


The driving experience started around 10:00 o’clock of one dark and wet Sunday morning. The event that was organized to present the new X1 was very nice – something typical for a great carmaker. There were a few stages: instructions and show room, driving to Zheleznitsa with 6 vehicles (very close to Sofia with a nice and flat road with many turns, ups and downs) and manmade ramps where you could test the SUV with extreme climbs.

Exterior and interior:
My first impression is great.

There were a few colors and engines that I could try. The design of the car scores 10 out of 10 points:

  • Very modern
  • Shiny frame around the bumper
  • The very typical for BMW looks (move aside or I’m going to bite ya)
  • Crazy nice LED headlights (forget about xenon – they do not even offer it)
  • Two mufflers
  • Very high mounter fog lights
  • Awesome rims

Interestingly enough is the space inside the smallest SUV in the series which is not small at all. There is nothing in the way at the front seats as well as in the back – there is plenty of space for whatever you need – your grandma jars, speakers for the next party or even a baby chair. The dashboard is modern and very stylish. All the button are very clickable (such a pleasure to CLICK’em), a lot of small displays and a 6.5” HD display for the navigation. Both of the cars I drove were with M-package which offers an additional sporty looks which covers the exterior and interior. The steering wheel is also part of the M-pack and on both of it sides patiently wait the pedal steptronic gearbox. I needed like a few kilometers with these pedals because the space there is quite tight. One wrong movement and I was on the wipers, another one went to the blinkers etc.

Typically for a brand new BMW is the handles great and the feedback is awesome.

Taken in mind the 1,5 tons the two engines handle it great also on the way to Zheleznitsa. 231 horse power from both of the engines (2 turbines each!) seem to be the perfect balance and I can recommend them both. (there will be smaller engines offered as well with front wheel drive alone) The automatic gearbox is very suitable for to enjoy the X1 driving slowly with low revs or just the opposite. Going into the sport mode just makes the car so much more alive, not to mention that there is no need to go to manual mode to start using the pedal shifters. Sooo the sports mode- keeps the revs high enough and always ready to take over and accelerate. It is so nice that it makes you forget that you’re driving an SUV- a sign for a job well done form BMW.

The steering wheel is very light and easy to maneuver. Parking this X1 would not be an obstacle even for the unexperienced drivers because it has front and back park assistant and a camera in the back. The SUV was with all the optional extras included- active cruise control (taking care of the distance with the cars in front)

The X1 is just great for living in Bulgaria suitable for each of the four seasons.

X-drive makes driving this car very pleasant especially when you have the Vitosha mountain right next to city. The engine is great because of the two turbines and make the car feel more dynamic and fast that you would have though at the first glance. The design is also great and many of the BMW fans would die to have the M-pack versions. The more powerful versions of the X1 would be great to drive but keep in mind that the consumption per 100 kilometers for the petrol engine was 13,5 liters and 10 liters for the diesel during the test runs. It would definitely drop a liter or two driving it on a daily basis but WHO WOULD CARE? This is a brand new BMW after all 😀

Raw data:

Petrol engine:

  • 2.0 petrol – 1998 cc
  • 4 cylinder with 2 turbines
  • Power: 231 hp
  • Gearbox: 8 gear steptronic

0-100kph: 6.5s (6.6s for the diesel)

Max speed: 235 kph


Length: 4439 mm
Width: 1821 mm
Height: 1598 mm
Wheelbase: 2670 mm
Weight: 1540 kilograms
Weight distribution: 51% front / 49% back

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